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An airbag module is the control house that detects the ferocity and location of an impact, and tells the relevant components of the airbag system, to start the various tasks: The seat belt components to retract, the airbags to deploy and so on…

Once a module has done its job, it has crash data stored in its memory and will not ‘go again’.  We use the comparison of a bee that has used its sting!

Despite this,  a module can be repaired and reprogrammed back to its original setting. Once fitted back in your vehicle it is like new.

Here at Airbags Ireland, we use fully qualified and insured electronic engineers to carry out the work using, the highest quality technology available.

Crash Sensors

Crash sensors (or satellite modules) are a much smaller form of module, located in different stress areas inside the body shell of most cars/vehicles. They sense impacts to the area and send the signal to the main module to deploy the side/seat/door/bolster or curtain airbags.
Over the years these crash sensors have been used in different ways in different makes and models. Early Toyotas used them mounted on the ends of the chassis legs –the very front of the body shell – whereas newer generation Fords and Volvos have used them mounted outside on the front panel (this is the area that the radiators and headlights are mounted and the bonnet is closed down onto).

Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Seat have used them mounted on the inside on the sill area, which is the panel that runs from front to back under the doors of the vehicle, or on the middle pillar (or B pillar as its known in the motor trade) – this is the pillar that the front doors close against and the rear doors are mounted on a 4 or 5 door car/jeep. It also joins the roof and sill/floor areas together.


Sample Crash Data

Airbag Module Crash Data – Depending on model year and module configuration

Vehicle speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Engine speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Brake status (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Throttle position (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Driver’s seat belt state (On/Off)
Passenger’s airbag enabled or disabled state (On/Off)
Airbag Warning Lamp status (On/Off)
Time from vehicle impact to airbag deployment
Maximum Delta-V ( DV ) for near-deployment event
Delta-V ( DV ) vs. time for frontal airbag deployment event
Time from vehicle impact to time of maximum Delta-V )
Time between near-deploy and deploy event (if within 5 seconds)


Low tire pressure warning system status
Traction control status
Anti lock brake status
Transmission range
Service engine lamp status
Vehicle door 2/4 status open/closed
Outside air temperature degrees F
Passenger seat belt switch
Yaw rate
Lateral acceleration
Steering wheel angle
PDOF / Principal direction of force degrees
And more…

Steering Wheele Airbag repairs

Passenger Airbag Repairs

 Airbag Testing

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