Seatbelts – Pretensioners, Tensioners, Retractors & Buckles

Depending on your budget and personal preference, we can supply you with seatbelts (front and rear) aswell as pre-tensioners and secondary pre-tensioners.
We offer a wide range of new and pre-owned seat belts and related components. 

We also offer the option to re-condition your own seat belts to their original factory spec. 
All work is carried out by qualified mechanical engineers, in a fully equipped modern mechanics workshop. 


Airbag Parts

A clock spring (also known as a slip ring, a contact ring, or a tape) is a component mounted under every steering wheel. It houses a driver’s airbag and it ensures that there is an electrical current going to the steering wheel and airbag at all times, no matter what angle the wheel is at.
As an example, if you were travelling on a twisty road, turning left and right, back and forth, and a impact was to happen your airbag would deploy, having had the signal sent from the main module through the clock spring and squib to the airbag.

A squib is a short wiring loom with a plug on each end. One end is attached to the detonator or inflator of the airbag, the other end is attached to the main wiring loom.
It is independent of the vehicle’s main wiring loom, and therefore can be replaced if it becomes faulty, or damaged which happens when the airbag is activated.
To simplify, the squib is an extension lead from the clock spring to the airbag on the driver’s side or from the main wiring loom to the passenger’s airbag on the passenger’s side.
75% of all airbags have a squib as part of their system. Think of it as a lead from your hard drive to your printer/keyboard or monitor.


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