Airbags – For All Makes & Models

Modern vehicles are fitted with a wide range of airbags.
They can be installed anywhere in the car:

they can be on the roof, in the doors, in the seats and seatbacks. They are of course the in the steering wheel and for passengers in the dashboard.

Newer models of some vehicles also now have knee airbags. The range is even extending to external airbags.
Car manufacturers are putting more and more Airbags both inside and outside their

Less than 1/20th of a second….
In that instant, an air bag can recognize a crash, assess its severity, determine the seat occupant’s position, and inflate the actual bag just the right amount.

We can supply a full range of new and previously fitted airbags for all modern and late generation vehicles

Side Airbags

A side airbag can be any of the following: a seat airbag; a door or bolster airbag designed to fill the area between you and the doors, a curtain or roof airbag.

A curtain airbag or roof airbag is also known as a pillar or side airbag. It is mounted between the front windscreen pillars. There is one on each side, left and right, of the front windscreen that joins the roof to the front of the vehicle.
These curtain/roof airbags are mounted on the inside of the car and run from the front screen pillars up over the doors on each side to the pillars either side of the rear screens.
They are designed to drop down when needed to shield the occupants from flying glass and/or broken plastic or interior trims.

In some vehicles, when removed, a curtain airbag can look like a piece of rope, 5 to 6 feet long, in others it can look like a piece of pipe, or a fishing rod

Knee Airbag 

Passenger Airbags

 External Airbags

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