Airbag KITS – Repair & Resets

The airbag kit in a single airbag vehicle normally consists of:

  • The driver’s airbag
  • A pair of seatbelts (reconditioned)
  • An airbag module (reprogrammed)

Single airbag vehicles are a rarity these days, other than smaller commercial vans.

A twin airbag kit, normally found in non-commercial vehicles – cars, jeeps, mini-buses – refers to the two main airbags – driver’s and passengers.

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Typically, kits may also include knee airbags (definitely for the driver & more often for the passenger too).
From 2008 onwards Audis blew their two curtain airbags at the same time as their main airbags and from 2013 onwards Toyota models have done the same. This is now also common in Volvos.
Therefore an airbag kit for these models usually consists of curtain airbags, main airbags, knee airbags, front seatbelts (reconditioned), module (reprogrammed) and possibly rear seatbelts if the vehicle is equipped with them.

All seatbelts supplied by Airbags Ireland are either reconditioned or new. All modules are reprogrammed. This is the only way we can stand over these two very common trouble-makers in airbag kits


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