Fast Dashboard Repairs

As a rule, we do not supply poorly repaired or re-covered dashboards.
This is part of our commitment to quality & safety.
All the dashboards that we supply, are either new or ‘next to new’ previously fitted dashboards in excellent condition.

To date, all but one model that I know of (Citroen C4 Cactus) require replacement of the dashboard as part of the kit, as the passenger airbag lives beneath the dashboard and rips its way through to do its job.
These dashboards are designed and built to tear in the location of the passenger airbag to aid a quick release.
We supply either good condition previously fitted dashboards or brand new dashboards.

We will never supply a repaired or re-covered dashboard, as they are not fit for purpose and as far as I am concerned are a major danger to the passenger seat occupant in the event of an accident.
If anybody ever asks you to make available your dashboard, it is to re-cover it.
You may well end up liable if there is an insurance interest, as this can be classed as a modification to the vehicle’s original configuration.

I’m over 25 years in the business and have worked in all aspects of damaged repaired vehicles and have supplied many airbag components, airbag kits and dashboards to thousands of customers. I know the effects of having a brain injury.

Please, please take my advice – do not use a re-covered dashboard, or somebody, somewhere along the line could end up needing to have a surgeon remove bits of it from their head. They are dangerous. 


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