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Tired of spending hours at a time ringing round car dismantlers and scrap yards looking for airbag components, then travelling all round the place to collect them, only to get them home and find there is something wrong?  This is an all too familiar scenario.  With airbag kits it’s hard to tell when you buy parts randomly if you are getting quality components.  We are hugely experienced in sourcing our goods from reputable suppliers, ensuring you get only the best of stock, and minimising the risk of anything going wrong.  Our full money back guarantee is your assurance that if you give us the correct information on your car we will provide you with the correct goods.  As we are able to buy in bulk we can help keep your costs down, as well as saving you time and petrol scouting parts all over Ireland.

An example:  2002 onwards Laguna, 2003 Megane – as with all modern cars these are fitted with multiple airbag components i.e roof, seat, front and rear seatbelts. It is next to impossible for a modern car to be involved in an accident and be written off by an insurance company for dismantling purposes, without blowing at least one roof or seat bag, and quite possibly front or rear seatbelt tensioners.  For the average person its very hard to tell if the tensioners are gone or not as they may still be working mechanically but could quite possibly be electronically exhausted.  In most modern Renaults there are two tensioners in the front seats for each seat – passenger’s and driver’s – so four in total, all very fragile and easily set off.  For the average person these seatbelts show no obvious signs that they are ‘blown’ – they simply pull themselves down, sometimes just a fraction of a centimetre, and will not blow again.  A person unfortunately buys one of these kits from a scrapyard, with faulty seatbelts, a detonator (module) which is no longer functioning, possibly a damaged dashboard, maybe scratched from a windscreen falling in on it – all of these can lead to problems when it comes to installing the kit.  Nine times out of ten the only way to sort these problems out is to buy new components (or take your chances again with a further set of secondhand ones) most likely quadrupling your spend.  

Seat Leon:  As with the majority of modern Seats there are two different types of dashboard, and three different types of driver’s airbag.  The two front seatbelts are again very fragile and prone to blowing without any visible signs to the untrained eye.  Some hi-spec cars have explosive rear seat belts, which are also prone to the same problem.  A multiple airbag car if it has blown a roof or seat belt will have a module that requires reprogramming – you can see from this example alone that there are at least 10 ways your kit purchase could go wrong.

All modern cars will be prone to one or all of the problems above. All of these problems can be eliminated with one call to us – expert advice, our money back guarantee on return of any faulty components, and one payment to cover all the components you need.

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