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Our promise to you

It is in our interest to keep our customers happy.  If you give us the right information then you will get the right components.  Help us to help you by providing us with the details we ask for.  We will need to know the make, model and specific year and version of vehicle.  For example in May 2003 the Toyota Yaris model changed – both cars look very similar but the airbag system is totally different.  Another example: in 2004 the Volkswagen Golf changed from Mark IV to Mark V – the list is endless.   Many people think components from an older model car, which may be cheaper, will work in their newer version – they won’t!

We also need to know if your airbags have one or two plugs, on occasion we will need to know if your driver’s airbag is held in with clips or screws, whether you have a multi-function driver’s steering wheel, three-spoke or four-spoke driver’s airbag.  We need the colour of dashboard, any modifications such as climate control or GPS, and quite often we will need your chassis (VIN) number, which can be found on your vehicle registration certificate.  Seatbelts: 2-door, 4-door and 5-door are all different – quite often modern seatbelts can be working mechanically, but will never work again electronically.  We can tell you how to test these, to prove to yourself that they are gone.  

In short the quickest and most efficient way to find out what is the best kit for your vehicle is to call us person to person.  That way we can ensure we know exactly what you will need. If you provide us with all the correct information and for some reason a component is incorrect, we offer a no-quibble returns policy and will arrange for the correct component to be swiftly dispatched to you.  It is vital that you do provide us with correct information, as we cannot be held responsible for any components provided due to inaccuracies on your part.

The full kit service offered includes offsite reprogramming of your original module (detonator) which removes the possibility of you buying the wrong module and/or a faulty component.  As most modern vehicles have multiple airbags fitted to them, we can confidently say, if a vehicle has been written off by insurance for dismantling after an accident, no matter how light the crash may have been, it will almost certainly have blown at least one airbag or seatbelt in the vehicle.  When this happens your module becomes faulty.  Reprogramming wipes the crash data from your module and resets it to your vehicles specifications, so once all your new components are correctly installed your airbags light will go off, and your airbags system will correctly operate.

Beware ConmenOur years of experience mean we know every trick in the book.  All our goods are logged, photographed and code-marked.  If components are returned to us that did not originate from Airbags Ireland or which have been tampered with we will know.

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