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Airbag Reset

Reset Airbags and Save Money

When an airbag has deployed crash data gets written to the Airbag electronic control module rendering it inoperable. Once this has occurred the a dealership will tell you that you must have the airbag module/brain/ecu replaced. A diagnostic scanner will read 'crash data stored'. We can help, and save you money.

Even after small accident hard codes will be stored in the module, even if your bags have not deployed they are now effectively switched off. We can save €hundreds off the the cost of replacing airbag modules through dealers - we can clear the crash data and reset your airbag module to as-new condition. You are now able to re-use the same airbag module

Has a Dealership told you that you need a new module? You Dont, we can reset any Airbag module!

We reset all fault codes (hard codes and soft codes)leaving your airbag module as-new again. The dealer and/or scan tools will not be able to clear hard codes also known as crash data. After you receive the module from us you will not have to take it to the dealer for any additional programming. All airbag modules can be reset, except if flood or fire damaged.

We charge a fixed €100 fee to reset any airbag module, including post and packaging.

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